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Information for Buyers


Pre-purchase review of documentation

We will not charge you for
Western Conveyancing can also advise you on how to make a formal offer to purchase a property.
attention to any easements or encumbrances that affect the title.youdrawProspective purchasers should seek advice on a Vendor’s Statement and the terms of any contract.
Western Conveyancing can help you understand what planning restrictions apply, what building and how they might affect you andreviewingthedocumentationpre- purchase as this service is included in our fee.regulationsmeans


Acting in a Purchase

We review the Contract and Section 32 Statement and obtain searches of the Title and the necessary rate, planning and other certificates. We liaise with your financier to arrange the funding for the settlement. We do everything needed to efficiently transfer the property into your name including preparing the Transfer of Land and Statement of Adjustments and arranging settlement.



The settlement date is specified in the Contract. This is the day that the Purchaser takes possession of the property. We will arrange a convenient time with the other parties involved.


Final Inspection

You should arrange to inspect the property during the week preceding settlement. You are entitled to the property in the same condition and state of repair as on the day of sale. You should contact the Selling Agent to arrange the final inspection.



The keys to the property are usually held by the Selling Agent. The Agent will be notified when settlement has occurred and instructed to release the keys to the Purchaser.




Western Conveyancing will notify the Council, Water Authority and Owners Corporation (if applicable) of the change of ownership. It is your responsibility to arrange for connection of electricity, gas and telephone.

PEXA (Electronic Settlement)

The Conveyancing process is now completed electronically via PEXA (Property Exchange Australia)


Electronic Conveyancing is a collaboration between many participants including financial institutions, land registries, lawyers and Conveyancers. It minimises the manual processes and paperwork enabling a greater certainty of successful, on-time settlements.


The benefits of a Pexa Settlement is as follows:-


  • No Bank cheque fees

  • Reduction in Titles Office lodging fees

  • Title registration is immediate

  • Vendor receives cleared funds at settlement

  • All Rates and fees are paid immediately at settlement


Please note the additional settlement fee will be paid to PEXA at settlement. 

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